Conversation tables through Zoom

Group lessons

Developing your language skills in a group is a proven method for making significant progress in a short period of time.
Berlitz is offering Conversation Tables of small groups with a native speaking instructor. The course will concentrate on general, everyday topics and will take place once a week for 10 weeks.

4 languages are available at different levels.

For who?
Anyone who wants to improve their spoken skills in a second language. It is essential that you already have an A2 level.
To talk about what?
At each session our instructor will guide the conversation around a daily or professional life theme.
With who?
With 3 to 5 participants from all over Belgium, with a similar level to yours.
What time and how often?
From 18:30 to 19:30 once a week for 10 weeks.
Via Zoom videoconferencing that you can access from a P.C, tablet, laptop or smartphone.
Which language on which day?
4 languages (intermediate and advanced level) are available.
Dutch - Monday
French - Tuesday
English - Wednesday
Spanish - Thursday
How Much?
Price: 199€ (240€ with VAT)
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Do we have to prepare?
The material used will have to be read and prepared beforehand, so that the Conversation Table is used for actual spoken interaction between the participants.
Is there any homework?
Our instructors will help you to write key sentences using the new vocabulary you have learnt. It is important that you retain these for future use in the Conversation Table course.
Are there any course notes?
The material used and any key phrases will be posted on our LMS platform at the end of each session. All participants will have access to these.
Which topics?
Environment, arts, new technology, interior design, family, school, leisure time and hobbies, social life, health, media, current affairs, the job market, etc.
Our motto? Variety! Our instructors will suggest topics and candidates can also choose a topic in turn.
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