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It's time to go back to business, to go back to school, to go back to travel. It's time to come back to improve your language skills.

In Berlitz you don't just learn one language, you will master it. And not just one language, but all the languages you need. Whether you are a company or a private individual, looking for an individual or group course, online or face to face, we have the right solution for you.

Improve your language skills
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Face-to-face Lessons

Get the personalized attention of a qualified Berlitz Instructor and make get the most of your time with our individual lessons. Daily classes in the Berlitz language center designed to allow you to progress fast in language learning regardless of your initial level.

40 Private lessons in our Learning Centers: -15%
Available in Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish

2.221,50€ (incl. vat – excl. pedagogical materials & enrolment) for a program of 40 units (of 45’) in one of the Berlitz language centers. Contact your local language center for more details
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Home Schooling 

Berlitz is the ideal partner to help your child with lessons and revision assigned by their school.  Our teachers are available to help them with the revision of their language lessons. These lessons are done through Zoom and are based on the pedagogical materials that your child is using is its own school.

We offer you now -10% on the Home Schooling program. 104,50€ for each private session of 1h30. Contact your local language center for more details
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Our assets for your success
Real teacher
Our qualified teacher will make sure you start speaking the new language from the very first day
Global provider
In Berlitz you can learn more than 40 languages an get the cultural understanding to get ready to every challenge
Proven Method
Based on language immersion the Berlitz Method made history since 1878
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