Take control of your future. Learn the language you need to succeed in your personal and professional life. With Berlitz you don't just learn languages, you master them.

Because you will be supported by the best native instructors, by the widest range of learning options and by a method that has been making history since 1878.

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40 languages to choose from

No matter what language you’re interested in, Berlitz offers you a course that fits your needs. Choose from over forty different languages, including:
English, German, Swedish, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Latvian, Russian, Italian, Spanish… and many more!

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Master any language Live Online

Improve your language skills wherever you are using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, with an experienced Berlitz instructor and without the need to commute to attend language lessons. More convenient for you and more sustainable for the planet: less travel, less carbon. Same engagement, same results.
Master your future with Berlitz

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One-to-one Lessons

A teacher dedicated only to you. You are the master.

Online Course

Empower yourself. Wherever you are, any language, any time.

Group classes

Small groups, huge engagement. And a winning value for money.

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A proven method

With the Berlitz Method, based on language immersion, you speak the new language from the first day. Since its inception in 1878, the Berlitz Method has revolutionized the way we teach languages and is still the most effective method.

Native teachers

Nothing helps you master a language like a trained and passionate native speaker instructor. With their experience, you can improve your skills faster and master languages in a personalized way.

Specialized centers

With centers dedicated to teaching over 40 languages in 70 countries around the world, you can easily find the most suitable option for your needs. Including online.

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