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Grant scheme NL leert door

Berlitz has been offering language courses for free as part of the NL Leert Door program of the Dutch Government.

The Corona crisis has had an enormous impact on our society. It has also created a lot of uncertainty for the job market. It is important that people remain flexible and employable in the long-term. For this reason, the government is offering a subsidy program with which you can upgrade your skills free of charge, and thereby improve your position in the labor market: “NL Leert Door /

Crash Course 

A short individual language course in Dutch, English, German, French or Spanish.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to improve their business communication in Dutch, English, German, French or Spanish. You will be working on topics such as: business email correspondence, participating in meetings, putting forth and arguing your own opinion, participating in or conducting job interviews, writing business letters, negotiating, and giving summaries and/or

The exact subjects covered and material used will be based on your language level and needs.

The course consists of ten 1.5-hour online live sessions and is supplemented with self-study assignments. During the lessons you will be individually guided by an experienced instructor who is a
native speaker of the target language.

With English, German, French and Spanish you will also receive access to 6 months of online self-study via our CyberTeachers program. This platform will allow you to improve your skills even more. For Dutch you can practice on our Berlitz Go platform.

The total time investment for self-study is between 25 and 30 hours.
After successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate for the level you participated in.

The participant takes the course at his or her starting level. This is determined prior to the course by means of an extensive language audit. The course is available at ERK language level A1 to B1.1 in Dutch. The course is available at ERK language level A1 to C1 for the other languages.

Sign up and take a big step forward in your professional language skills.

Am I eligible for this programme?


Are you self-employed, a ZZp’er (freelancer), a flex-worker, employed or looking for work? Are you at least 18 years old, not yet retired, and do you have a BSN number? Then you can upgrade your skills —or learn new skills—with this program, cost-free.

Can I contact Berlitz for this?


Yes, you can register directly with Berlitz for training in the language of your choice. Due to the limited number of courses available, participation is on a first-come-first-served basis. So be quick!

How do I register?


There are no more spots available for this subsidy. Have a look at our regular offer instead on

Which languages can I learn with this program?


You can come to Berlitz for language training in 5 languages: Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.

How are my level and goals determined?


Your interests and current level are determined via an (online) intake or language audit which takes place prior to the course. The content of the course is based on this intake and tailored accordingly.  

Are there requirements associated with participation?


Yes, you agree to participate in the entire course and you sign an agreement to this effect. This is important so that your course is fully funded by the government.
The total study load comprises approximately 25 to 30 hours (lessons + assignments).  Students are allowed to miss max. 2 lessons.

There are no more spots available for this subsidy. Have a look at our regular offer instead on