ESOC, ESRIN and ESAC Group Language Training 2020-2021

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Welcome to Berlitz! Bienvenue à Berlitz! Bienvenido a Berlitz! Willkommen bei Berlitz! Benvenuto a Berlitz!

All groups are:
✓ 60 hours of live training with a Berlitz language instructor
✓ Starting in week 39 (week of September 21st) 2020 and ending in June 2021
✓ 1 session of 2 hours per week (in total 30 sessions)
✓ Minimum 5 and maximum 8 participants
✓ Offered for English, French and the local language (German in Germany, Italian in Italy, and Spanish in Spain)
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What are the costs?


Please select your desired group option(s) below.
Group places are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. You are welcome to participate in a course for more than one language (for example, for both English and for the local language). In this case, you will be charged the fee for each language. Please fill in the form a second time to register for a second group.

What level should you select?
Please select a group with the level description that sounds the most like your current proficiency. In order to confirm that you are in the group that best suits your needs, Berlitz will contact you before the first lesson for a brief level placement confirmation (with the exception of total beginners).
Total Beginner: This course is suitable for you if you can't yet speak any of the target language or only know a couple of words. Starting level: CEF A0.

Beginners Plus: This course is suitable for you if you already have some basic knowledge of the target language (for example, you can introduce yourself and ask a few simple everyday questions), but you are not yet able to use the target language in the majority of daily life situations. Starting level: +/- mid CEF A1.

Pre-Intermediate: This course is suitable for you if you already feel comfortable speaking the target language in a variety of simple situations in daily life. Maybe you can even already use some past tense (for example, briefly tell what you did last weekend or on your last holiday), but you don't yet feel comfortable having more complex conversations. Starting level: +/- mid CEF A2.

Intermediate: This course is suitable for you if you already feel comfortable speaking the target language in most informal settings. You are able to explain in detail about your personal interests and some work topics, but still find it a challenge to express a lot of nuance. Starting level +/- end CEF A2 / beginning CEF B1.

Upper-Intermediate/Advanced: This course is suitable for you if you already are able to work in the target language and are looking to further professionalize your skills. Starting level mid CEF B1 and higher.

If you are interested in a language course but don't see a course that seems to fit your level, please contact us at Should enough participants indicate a common request, Berlitz can create an additional group at the  appropriate level.

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