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Chocolates and perfumes are always good. but if you really want to surprise those you love, give a Berlitz language course for two people.

Half the costs, double the pleasure.

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A teacher dedicated only to you two

A Berlitz semi-private course is the ideal solution if you want to learn quickly and stay motivated.

With a qualified teacher for just you and your partner, boosting your language skills becomes a fun couple’s activity.

So surprise your valentine, and set off on an exciting learning journey together.

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All the attention, half the cost

You can choose an intensive compact program with daily lessons or a regular course with one or two lessons per week. Having a learning partner is not just fun and motivating, it’s also a great way to save!

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  • Both participants have the full personal attention of the teacher
  • Use of the Berlitz Method to help you absorb your new language
  • Optimal, cost-efficient mix of private and group instruction
  • Additional motivation thanks to learning in pairs
  • Course materials focusing on specific learning objectives

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